Mainframe Legacy Application Modernization

Mainframe Legacy Application Modernization

Application Modernization

Extend and Repurpose any Legacy Application

legacy modernizationLegacy modernization is at the top of any CIO’s agenda. That’s because companies that rely on mainframe and midrange applications are searching for ways need to use their so-called legacy applications with web, mobile, and cloud technologies.

And legacy modernization allows you to do things with your applications that they were not originally designed to do.

Rocket LegaSuite is a suite of application modernization tools that empowers you to modernize all aspects of your mainframe, IBM i, UNIX, and Windows client/server applications.

With LegaSuite, you can extend and repurpose any legacy application to any web or mobile device, provide standards-based APIs, improve workflow and operational efficiency—all while reducing the costs and time to market of legacy application modernization by up to 70% over other methods.  

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Make It Modern, Make it Mobile: How to Bring Innovation to Enterprise Systems

Learn why companies are now trending towards rapidly developed, lightweight mobile and web applications that tie into heavier enterprise transaction environments. Highlights of this application modernization guide include:

  • The business drivers used to justify application modernization initiatives
  • Best practices that deliver solutions which combine legacy system functionality with mobile, web and cloud technologies
  • How to easily provide business-critical information quickly on mobile and web devices


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Demo: Web-enable your Green-Screen Applications with LegaSuite GUI


Schedule a complimentary Web Assessment

In this no-obligation assessment, we’ll show you how to:

  • Assess your application environment – including which back-end systems can be re-purposed for web and mobile applications and web APIs.
  • Reduce modernization costs by as much as 70 percent over other approaches.
  • Accelerate modernization efforts by modernizing applications in weeks and months, not years.
  • Develop a path to modernization and scope the time and effort it will take to get there.  



Web Front-Ends for Mainframe, IBM i, and UNIX Legacy Applications

With LegaSuite Web you can repurpose critical back-end legacy applications as HTML5 web applications that can be deployed to any web and mobile browser. You can quickly develop new web applications that leverage 3270, 5250, and UNIX legacy applications. And you can tie in any enterprise, desktop, or web application into your new web application using standards-based APIs.


Mobile-Enablement: Extend Legacy Applications to Smartphones and Tablets

LegaSuite Mobile offers the fastest way to create mobile applications apps for tablet and smartphone user experiences that leverage key legacy systems.  You can develop a mobile application once, and deploy it tor Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile platforms from one development effort.


Expose legacy applications as Web APIsExpose Legacy Applications as Web APIs

Legacy applications were not designed for today’s open and shareable enterprise. With LegaSuite Integration, you can accomplish application modernization by transforming legacy back-end applications with into web services and REST APIs to easily share critical enterprise information with any enterprise client—web applications, mobile applications, BPM software. What’s more, you can encapsulate and automate complex business processes locked away in legacy applications.


Application modernization professional services and consutingApplication Modernization Professional Services and Consulting

Application modernization takes more than just software—it takes a plan. Rocket's Professional Services team has experience with hundreds of application modernization projects and has developed a proven practice that addresses usability and the technical aspects of legacy application modernization initiatives. From web-enablement to call center modernization to online self-service, we can help you design innovative and efficient business solutions with legacy applications that run your business today.


translating legacy applicationsApplication Translating: Translate Legacy Applications for Users Around the World

If you want to grow in today’s global economy, you need localized solutions. LegaSuite Text Translation Tool offers an language translation tool for IBM i applications that can be applied directly to existing 5250 text-based applications or in any new application developed with LegaSuite.



functional-testingEnsure LegaSuite solution quality and integrity through automated testing

Application modernization doesn't end with your first deployment—like any software development effort, there's a lifecycle. With LegaSuite Test Suite, you can ensure that your modernized solutions meet requirements at every stage in the lifecycle through automated functional testing.


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