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UniVerse is offered in four different editions to match the market and business needs of our customers.

Personal Edition

Personal Edition is available as a free, downloadable, 2-user license with some functional limitations. Personal Edition is available for Intel x86 servers with one to two processors running Microsoft Windows or RedHat Linux. There are no maintenance offerings for the Personal Edition. This edition is designed for single-user personal development and training as well as sales demos. It is not for remarketing or use in production environments.

  UniVerse for Windows (64-bit only)
 UniVerse for Linux (64-bit only)
  • 11.2.3
  • 11.2.3
  • PE
  • PE
  • 30 November 15
  • 30 November 15
  • 62 MB
  • 99 MB
  • Windows
  • Linux

Download for Windows

Download for Linux

Workgroup Edition

Workgroup Edition provides 1 to 24 concurrent users on x86 servers running either Microsoft Windows Servers or Linux as the operating system. Workgroup Edition supports device licensing, which allows multiple connections from a Windows client using U2 clients, middleware and API while consuming a single data server license. This edition is designed to serve the needs of small sites at a very competitive price point.

Server Edition

Server Edition offers the data server licenses on an a-la-carte basis providing a more customizable solution for sites where limited use is made of API and middleware programs. Each connection from a single PC using API and/or middleware programs will consume a data server license. Server Edition provides for one or more concurrent sessions on any available platform with any number of processors. Server Edition offers the optional features for network access to remote files, device licensing and the recoverable file system functionality. Pricing is per concurrent session is calculated as the number of concurrent users times their expected number of connections via U2 or third party middleware and clients.

Enterprise Edition

An enterprise license serves large installations that make significant use of connectivity options via APIs and middleware. An enterprise license offers device licensing and is available for one or more concurrent users on any available platform with any number of processors.