Rocket UniData

Power and performance without the maintenance. UniData, your application engine.


UniData is an extended relational data server ideal for embedding in a variety of industry-focused solutions.

Its extended relational model is perfect for rapid cost-effective applications serving the needs of businesses from SMB to the enterprise where outstanding performance, reliability, scalability and manageability are needed.


Built in power and cost efficiency

Delivers exceptional scalability to meet the challenges of a demanding business in the SMB and large enterprise markets at an affordable cost of ownership.



Power for developers

Provides intuitive design and high-performance queries using an extended relational data model. Features high-performance interfaces for .NET, Java and more.



Operate securely

Supports security and robustness via encryption, authentication and high availability features.



Robust functionality

Includes U2 Dynamic Objects for easier exchange of data with Web services.



Emerging technologies

Data Type Enforcement provides an optional check on data written to a file in order to assure only valid data is stored. Replication with External Database Access (EDA) can be used to transparently replicate your data to a SQL database. U2 MetaData Manager (U2 MDM) quickly and easily builds and maintains mappings for easier access from SQL tools.


Accessing MultiValue data just got easier with CorVu U2 Native Interface

This interface allows the rapid assembly of queries through an intuitive U2-centric UI. Native access to U2 dictionary items allow developers to browse and select from existing field definitions or leverage existing processes and expressions defined in field definitions and consume existing System Builder or Smart Queries inside CorVu. Discover more