Rocket UniData

Rocket UniData

Ideal for embedding in a variety of industry-focused solutions, this MultiValue server delivers low TCO. Its extended relational model is perfect for rapid cost-effective applications serving the needs of businesses from SMB to the enterprise where outstanding performance, reliability, scalability and manageability are needed. UniData provides an intuitive design and high-performance queries using an extended relational data model. It also features high-performance interfaces for .NET, Java and more security and robustness via encryption are supported through the database, as well as authentication and high availability features.

Learn about UniData 8.1, the largest release in terms of number of enhanced features in 10 years to the MultiValue database management system:

  • 64-Bit File Support
  • 64-bit Architecture
  • Support for IPv6
  • Replication Performance Monitor
  • Account Based Licensing
  • Install / Upgrade Improvements
  • Security Enhancements
  • Local Subroutines/Functions with Variable Scoping


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Need more information? Learn more technical details here:


UniData Technical Documentation

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