Rocket mvBase DBMS

Easy-to-Use Transaction Database

Built on the strengths of the multidimensional development environment, Rocket mvBase is a flexible, high-performance database management system that operates within the Microsoft Windows network environment.

Rocket mvBase DBMS is a high performance, multidimensional database engine with multi-valued fields, unlimited item sizes, and maximum flexibility for data organization.

Optimized for Business

Multitasking, multiuser, MultiValue database engine with enhanced BASIC programming language.



Ease of Administration

Fully incorporates the Windows graphical user interface for system configuration and control.




Responds quickly to change for rapidly growing business application solutions. Flexible system configuration to support application software across networks.



Windows Interoperability

Supports data exchange between the MultiValue and Windows environment. Windows programs can be launched from within mvBase.



Web Enabled

Generate HTML pages and take your mvBase applications to the Web.



Ad Hoc Reporting & Decision Support Capabilities

One of the key advantages of mvBase is its extensive decision support capability, which allows you to gain powerful insight from the valuable data contained in your mvBase database. Ad hoc reporting can be accomplished via an English-like query language called ACCESS.