Rocket mvBase DBMS

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High performance DB engine with flexible fields for data organization within a Windows environment.

Rocket mvBase is a high-performance, MultiValue database engine with the ability to create multi-valued fields, unlimited items sizes and with maximum flexibility for data organization.  mvBase is easy to administer as it  Fully incorporates the Windows graphical user interface for system configuration and control.

Rocket mvBase DBMS has many key advantages to the user. mvBase responds quickly to change for rapidly growing business application solutions. Also, flexible system configuration supports application software across networks. And mvBase is Web-enabled -  a user can generate HTML pages and deploy mvBase applications to the Web.

Rocket mvBase employs extensive decision support capability, which allows you to gain powerful insight from the valuable data contained in your mvBase database. Ad hoc reporting can be accomplished via an English-like query language called ACCESS.

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