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Modernization Continues to Be Top CIO Priority

According to a recent Gartner survey, modernization is in the top ten of CIO technology priorities. Companies that rely on mainframe and midrange systems recognize the value of these proven technologies, but need tools that cost-effectively transform back-end applications to support new customer channels of engagement like web, mobile, and cloud technologies. With Rocket LegaSuite, you have a modernization solution to repurpose legacy applications to the web or mobile devices, complete with a robust integration layer to provide standards-based APIs, improve workflow and enhance operational efficiency. 

Explore The Rocket LegaSuite Portfolio 

  • Rocket LegaSuite Integration -  a robust API Gateway for agile integration of back-end legacy applications with web, SOA, mobile and Cloud initiatives
  • Rocket LegaSuite Web - repurpose critical screen-based 3270, 5250, or UNIX Linux applications as HTML5 web applications that can be deployed to any web or mobile browser
  • Rocket LegaSuite GUI - quickly create dynamic web GUIs from existing terminal-based green screens applications, with added functionality and improved application workflow.
  • Rocket LegaSuite Text Translation - a translation tool for IBM i and AS/400 applications that translates enterprise applications into foreign languages faster and with less risk  

Application Modernization Professional Services

Application modernization takes more than just software—it takes a plan. Rocket's Professional Services team has experience with hundreds of application modernization projects and has developed a proven practice that addresses usability and the technical aspects of legacy application modernization initiatives. From web-enablement to call center modernization to online self-service, we can help you design innovative and efficient business solutions with legacy applications that run your business today.


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