Rocket B2B Supply Chain Integration

Rocket TRUfusion Enterprise

Automate and manage product-data file exchange across your supply chain

Rocket® TRUfusion Enterprise software automates, controls and manages product design file exchange activities with your supply chain partners and customers. Save time and money by replacing fragmented, insecure methods (email, FTP) with a controlled, standardized and optimized process.

Be confident that your valuable intellectual property is exchanged securely with others.

Rocket TRUfusion Enterprise Teamcenter Integration
Improve product development efficiency

Exchanging CAD, PDM, and PLM files and metadata with your customers and suppliers is a key process. The challenge? Product designers, engineers, and buyers use multiple tools to get the job done, creating information bottlenecks. As a result, experienced and expensive human resources are often tied up wrangling file exchanges when they could be engaged in higher-value activities.

TRUfusion Enterprise automates the product-data file exchange process, freeing up valuable time and resources. It connects disparate tools for authoring, managing, checking, translating, and exchanging CAD and related product design files–-orchestrating the process into one job.

With TRUfusion Enterprise, the job gets done up to 80% faster, and the typical time spent sending product design files is a minute or less—a huge time savings. Productivity is increased and product design decisions are made faster, with the right data in the right format and at the right time.

Faster and safer than email or FTP

Stop entrusting your proprietary product data and business information to email or FTP. You may (or may not) have good controls in place for your team and/or organization, but you have no control over your suppliers' and customers' systems. Emails are insecure and can be misdirected, FTP is clumsy and insecure, and both are susceptible to data breaches. Even worse, you may never know if a file was misdirected, misappropriated, late, or lost, because there's no central way to track transfers.

TRUfusion Enterprise replaces unsecure, fragmented  methods with an automated, standardized and controlled process. Combined with Rocket TRUexchange solutions, TRUfusion Enterprise provides global data exchange between collaborating supply chain partners regardless of different CAD, PDM, and PLM tools and different communications protocols. TRUfusion integrates with leading CAD, PDM and PLM systems, and is easily configurable to your specific needs.

TRUfusion Enterprise gives you quick visibility of data exchanges with reporting that tracks who sent what/where/when and to whom, and advanced encryption keeps your files and intellectual property safe.