Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (IBM i Edition)

Deliver more IT projects, on time and with less risk

Rocket® Aldon® Lifecycle Manager (IBM i Edition) lets you deploy your applications into complex, multiplatform production environments faster, with fewer software defects and deployment glitches, and with compliance. It automates the entire software development and delivery process–from requests to deployment.

Rocket Application Lifecycle Management

Automate software release management and deployment

Through automation, Aldon Lifecycle Manager (ALM) eliminates manual effort, reduces costs, ensures application integrity, delivers efficiencies, and speeds up delivery times. Simply select the tasks or objects you want promoted, and Lifecycle Manager automatically moves the source to the next stage, creates the objects, creates the dependent objects, deploys the objects if necessary, performs the file conversions, and logs the activities. Release management is repeatable, documentable, and traceable. Compliance is built in and policies are automatically reinforced.

The benefits of Rocket Aldon

  • Fewer errors, shorter time to production, more deadlines met
  • "Set-and-forget" workflow automation throughout the lifecycle
  • Near-instant discovery of components regardless of language, location, or platform
  • Near-instant discovery of components regardless of language, location, or platform
  • Easier maintenance of numerous application sets and RPG libraries across multiple locations
  • Clear view for developers into tasks completed by other developers
  • Recorded history for auditors, business analysts, and operations into who-what-where-when-why code is in production
  • Simpler audit compliance for IT and regulatory requirements
  • Streamlined rollback processes
  • Integrated path to production: IBM i, Windows, web and other applications (integrated with Lifecycle Manager Enterprise Edition)

Comprehensive web-based insight and reporting

Our web-based reporting tool provides real-time visibility and reporting on software development activity data. You can generate the reports for simplified audit compliance, while also helping deliver software on time. With Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager Ops Portal, as long as IT staff have their mobile device handy, they can manage compliance requirements at a glance.

Through our centralized home screen, you can select and run reports from one of our pre-packaged templates, or create customized reports to meet your needs. Rapidly generate reports regarding task status, activity history, release setup, change request backlog items, permissions by release or by user, and lifecycle progress using selection criteria. When the auditors arrive, easily and rapidly generate the reports they need and get back to more business critical tasks.

Supports popular IDEs, tools, and applications

With Rocket ALM and DevOps solutions, customers can leverage the modern and open source development tools they want in order to drive productivity and flexibility within the IBM i development environment. Lifecycle Manager (IBM i) provides comprehensive IBM i development support as well as support for Microsoft® Windows®, Linux, Unix, web, and mobile development in conjunction with Lifecycle Manager (Enterprise Edition). Through our ongoing support of technical standards like Eclipse and SCCI, your users have the flexibility to choose the best tools for their IT needs. ALM also works easily with enterprise applications including Oracle® JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, JDA, Infor System 21, and Lawson and others. Aldon Lifecycle Manager even supports popular open-source tools such as Git, so your team can continue to use the tools they depend on while you embrace DevOps practices.

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