Rocket brings innovations to the IBM i (AS/400) platform that let you take advantage of the latest technologies for web, mobile, analytics, and cloud—extending and protecting your IBM i investment.

Our solutions address the skills gap created by a retiring workforce by helping IT take a more strategic role in improving user experiences, including overall employee productivity.  By automating leading-edge UIs, web services, and APIs, we help you provide the experiences your users expect. We also offer solutions that automate managing your applications and data in multi-vendor environments. With Rocket IBM i solutions, you gain a more efficient way to evolve your IBM i applications, making it easier to respond to emerging opportunities.

IBM i Innovation Update - Key Trends

Access IBM i apps from web, mobile, and PC

You’ve put decades of investment into your IBM® applications. Now you can access your applications and data from any device and any location.

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Narrow the IBM i skills gap for your developers

Give your new developers the tools and capabilities they need to meet the expectations of today's users, while still preserving your IBM i investment.

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Ensure business continuity for IBM i

Ensure uninterrupted operations for applications running on IBM i, and provide continuous access by monitoring, identifying, and self-correcting replication problems.

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Get to mobile and web fast—no coding required

Today's customers expect digital experiences that connect them directly with your organization. Meeting this expectation makes it easier to do business with you while enhancing your market position. The challenge? Quickly transforming your reliable IBM i applications to build on the business knowledge embedded in them, without putting them at risk or interrupting the normal operation of your business.

Manage digital transformation today—and into the future

Digital transformation is really never complete. Where to take your applications next will be dictated not just by changes in technology, but also by your changing market—including changing customer demands, competition, and business opportunities.

We’ve been developing DevOps, modernization and high availability/disaster recovery solutions for IBM i for more than 20 years, and are committed to helping our customers keep the IBM i platform at the center of their IT infrastructure. Rocket IBM i solutions give you the tools you need to automate, build, deploy, and manage digital experiences—from services and APIs, to hybrid applications, to whatever comes next.

Get more value from existing systems – with less risk

Your employees are accustomed to rich web and mobile interfaces for banking, bill pay, ecommerce and more. Increasingly they expect the same from the applications they work with every day. Meeting this expectation with a modernization effort can help increase productivity, lower training costs and increase job satisfaction and employee retention. Rocket modernization solutions help you update your IBM i application front-ends while preserving your underlying business logic.  By avoiding the planning time and risk of ripping out existing applications to start from scratch, you continue to optimize your investment while driving new efficiencies.

Ensure stable and scalable business continuity

Your customers expect the same levels of availability and response from your applications as they do from the leading web or mobile applications they depend on every day. In today’s business environment, you can’t afford to let the unexpected bring your applications down, whether due to a simple hardware or power fault, or a true disaster. With Rocket high-availability disaster/recovery (HA/DR) solutions for IBM i, you can build and scale IBM i-based applications based to serve large user populations—with confidence.

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