Rocket B2B Supply Chain Integration

Rocket TRUexchange Communities

Rocket® TRUexchange™ is a highly secure, large file exchange solution that allows the transfer of any size and type of data file quickly and securely. We can establish private communities enabling companies to connect and share information with business partners around the world.

Private Communities

Private communities requires supplier identification information & payment to gain access. Once subscribed you can exchange data of any size and type with members of that community.

Chrysler Community Logo
CCX: Chrysler
GMC Community Logo
GCX: General Motors
Standards: Ford
Standards: Ford


Public Community

We enable anyone to anyone file exchange within our AFX community. Once subscribed to a public community, you can exchange data of any size and type with other members of that community.

AFX: Supplier to Supplier Logo
AFX: Supplier to Supplier