Rocket LegaSuite Web

Easy HTML5 web application development for enterprise systems

You rely on mission-critical enterprise applications to run your business, yet their green-screen front ends make it hard to be competitive. Rocket® LegaSuite® Web software lets you transform your green-screen application into modern and engaging web and mobile experiences for employees, customers, and partners any time, from anywhere.

LegaSuite Web

Easy HTML5 web and mobile enablement

Rocket® LegaSuite® Web lets you web-enable critical back-end applications and access them from web and mobile browsers. It makes web development fast and easy, with dynamic UI templates, custom appearances, drag-and-drop development tools, and runtime components that extend and repurpose any legacy application as a user-friendly, HTML5 web application.

Zero-footprint, centrally managed deployment

With HTML5 web applications, plugins aren’t required and deployment is simple. There's no software to install on employee devices and no need to open up additional ports on your firewall. You can deliver applications to any modern browser and operating system from one solution. And with Rocket LegaSuite Access & Connectivity Hub, you can manage all versions and deployments from a central location, improving developer productivity.

Integrate with any data source for a streamlined experience

Rocket LegaSuite Web software allows for composite application development, letting you easily combine back-end host applications with any application or data source employees may need. You can modernize the user interface of your host screens and combine them with other enterprise applications and data to present a single user experience. With JavaScript support and drag-and-drop functionality, integrating with enterprise resources is just a few clicks away.

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