Rocket LegaSuite Web

Easy HTML5 web application development for enterprise systems

Rocket® LegaSuite® Web lets you web-enable critical back-end applications and access them from web and mobile browsers. It makes web development fast and easy, with dynamic UI templates, custom appearances, drag-and-drop development tools, and runtime components that extend and repurpose any legacy application as a user-friendly, HTML5 web application.

LegaSuite Web

Zero-footprint web and mobile browser deployment

Rocket LegaSuite Web repurposes in-place enterprise applications as HTML5 applications, so they can run in any modern web or mobile browser. This means no plug-ins are required, and deployment is simplified. There's no software to install on employee devices and no need to open up additional ports on your firewall. You can deliver applications to any modern browser and operating system from one solution.

Integrate with any data source

Rocket® LegaSuite® Web software enables composite application development, letting you easily combine back-end host applications with any application or data source employees may need. You can modernize the user interface of your host screens and combine them with other enterprise applications and data to present a single user experience. With JavaScript support and drag-and-drop integration, integrating with enterprise resources is just a few clicks away.

Move from desktop applications to HTML5 web applications

Many organizations modernized their mainframe and IBM i applications years ago, but those applications are starting to show their age. Now is the time to move from these older-style desktop applications to HTML5 and AJAX web applications.

If you use Rocket LegaSuite GUI (J Walk/WinJa), our desktop-to-web conversion process automatically transforms your existing GUI application into a modern web application. This saves you time and money by reusing your existing application investment, letting you deploy a web application much sooner than starting from scratch.

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