Rocket UniVerse

Fast and Flexible for the Enterprise

Modern data. Managed.

UniVerse is an extended NoSQL relational data server optimized for embedding in vertical applications. UniVerse offers a nested relational (MultiValue) data model which means intuitive data modeling and fewer resulting tables.


Achieve More

UniVerse provides intuitive database design and high performance data access. It combines NoSQL data access, storage and management capabilities across Windows, Linux and UNIX platforms. UniVerse also features a native, record-oriented integrated development environment.


Worry less

UniVerse provides robust high availability while also securing data through encryption and authentication.


Behold the power and the savings

Are you into affordability and flexibility? UniVerse enables access via a variety of APIs, protocols, frameworks and architectures. UniVerse provides flexible data storage choices for maximum interoperability.


Scale up or scale down

Scales from the smallest workgroup to thousands of concurrent users. UniVerse's flexible technology allocates table space automatically and dynamically to optimize performance and minimize disk usage for maximum efficiency.


Need for speed

Make it quick. UniVerse accelerates time to market and lowers Total Cost of Ownership for business solutions.


Accessing MultiValue data just got easier with CorVu U2 Native Interface

This interface allows the rapid assembly of queries through an intuitive U2-centric UI. Native access to U2 dictionary items allow developers to browse and select from existing field definitions or leverage existing processes and expressions defined in field definitions and consume existing System Builder or Smart Queries inside CorVu. Discover more