Rocket UniVerse

Rocket UniVerse

Fast and flexible data management for your enterprise applications

Optimized for embedding in virtual applications, this MultiValue data server is fast and flexible for the enterprise. Rocket® UniVerse tools provide intuitive database design and high performance data access, combining NoSQL data access, storage, and management capabilities across Microsoft® Windows®, Linux and UNIX platforms.

What's New in Rocket UniVerse 11.2?
Versitile, proven and advanced

Rocket® UniVerse solutions provide proven data management technologies for innovative enterprise applications. These solutions handle the data and application demands of thousands of enterprise solutions live in production today, and are ready to handle the needs of many more applications to come—from mobile to the Internet of Things.

Rocket UniVerse provides scalability, connectivity, and low system management cost, allowing mobile, web, and desktop applications and components to interoperate seamlessly.

UniVerse harnesses the power of data, whether it be to view data on a mobile device, deploy it to the web, or use a desktop .NET framework-based app.

Performance to spare

Rocket UniVerse provides intuitive database design and high performance data access. It combines NoSQL data access, storage, and management capabilities across Windows, Linux, and UNIX platforms. UniVerse also features a native, record-oriented integrated development environment.

UniVerse provides high availability while securing data through encryption and authentication. Its unique architecture and direct read capability also mean fewer I/Os and faster access to data.

Data connectivity solutions pair with a rapid application development (RAD) tool to speed application development. UniVerse features an intuitive design with high-performance queries and interfaces for .NET, Java, and other APIs and protocols.

Efficiency and speed to market mean faster returns

Once deployed, UniVerse-driven applications' scaling makes the most of available resources, with dynamic allocation of table space to optimize performance and limit disk use.

UniVerse's proven technology doesn’t need a large staff of system programmers or database administrators. By lowering the bar for return on application development and management investments, Rocket UniVerse makes it easier to introduce more (and better) applications.

Secure and auditable

Rocket UniVerse protects sensitive data, indexes, and keys with few (or no) application changes. Data can be encrypted at the column level or by encrypting entire records, and access is granted at the user or group level for role-based security.

UniVerse can help make it easier to manage the auditing requirements for regulations such as HIPAA/HITECH and Sarbanes-Oxley, along with internal auditing requirements. UniVerse also provides logging and other features you need to build in support for auditing requirements.

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