Rocket Passport Host Integration Objects

Rocket Passport Host Integration Objects

Low-cost, low-risk integration of existing applications with Windows

Rocket® Passport® Host Integration Objects is a non-intrusive legacy integration solution that enables object-oriented access to IBM® TN3270 and TN5250 host applications from customer-written applications using .NET or ActiveX. The solution can be be used as an alternative to terminal emulation solutions including Micro Focus® Rumba, Reflection, and Attachmate® Extra!. 

Fast and scalable

Using Rocket Passport Host Integration Objects, you can integrate IBM 3270 and 5250 applications with other web, server or client applications using .NET, COM, ActiveX, Visual Basic and C/C++. Rocket Passport Host Integration Objects applications can be deployed from a Microsoft® Windows® Server or desktop. The host integration solution offers a fast, low-risk approach to reusing valuable business processes that have been adapted and perfected over many years.

Many successful deployments

Passport Host Integration Objects has been used as a:

  • Claims Agent integration solution for large insurance companies that seek to integrate 3270 applications within critical claims systems.
  • Medicare access solution for large numbers of hospitals and healthcare organizations that require connectivity to the U.S. government system.
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