Rocket BlueZone Terminal Emulation

Solutions that grow with your business

Extend your applications easily and anywhere

Rocket® BlueZone® solutions provide emulation that scales to your business. Extend your applications easily and anywhere, without technical or licensing constraints.

Our modern emulation technology, multiple deployment options in a single interface, built-in security and cost-effective licensing provide the ultimate in scalability.

5 reasons to choose Rocket Terminal Emulation
Avoid the limitations of traditional three-tier solutions

Rocket Terminal Emulation solutions are infinitely scalable, two-tier applications compatible with any enterprise-quality web server. No special application server is required. You avoid the scalability limitations of traditional three-tier solutions while reducing hardware and software maintenance. 
Our Server Desktop Client deployment is a great option when you want the convenience of web-based emulator delivery, but can't always depend on the availability of your web server. It deploys initially on a web server and is stored locally on the desktop, so it can be launched directly from the desktop from then on. Our small-footprint emulator downloads and installs fast so users can be up and running quickly.
Because Rocket Terminal Emulation provides both web-based and client-based access, you don't have to buy separate licenses—simply take your pick and change your mind at any time.