Rocket BlueZone FTP

No Sweat. Just Secure File Transfers.

With your development teams becoming more spread out and mobile, and security concerns growing bigger all the time, having the right FTP tool is more important than ever. Sure, it has to support all your standard protocols, and transfer files quickly, but it also has to easily handle large files and fill all the security holes in traditional FTP. BlueZone Secure FTP does all this and more. And best of all, it's free!




With BlueZone FTP, there's no more worry about sharing sensitive information with partners, customers, or co-workers outside the firewall. We support SSL, TLS, and SSH (SFTP) out of the box, so you can encrypt passwords and data.  And our FTP can handle files of any size!



Flexible and reliable

Our software delivers HTTPS tunneling through firewalls and proxy servers for extranet access and provides iSeries (AS400/System i) secure FTP data transfer to Excel spreadsheets. BlueZone FTP also supports digital certificates and can handle files of all sizes!



Any FTP server

Our FTP software supports list formats and special features for virtually any FTP server, including IBM zSeries, IBM iSeries, OpenVMS, Windows, Unix, Linux, Tandem (HP Non-Stop), and Unisys.