Terminal Emulation

Terminal Emulation

Get full terminal-based application access with lower cost of ownership

Terminal Emulation

Why Choose Rocket Terminal Emulation?

If your critical business processes rely on terminal-based applications, Rocket Terminal Emulation can be a cost-effective alternative to your aging incumbent emulator. Many customers lower their terminal emulation costs significantly in the first year, and see reductions in annual maintenance costs every year after that.

Rocket Terminal Emulation solutions include automated tools that make it easy to convert scripts, macros, and configuration files from other common terminal emulators, and if you need help getting everything up and running, we offer a full range of professional services to help you manage the transition.

5 reasons to choose Rocket Terminal Emulation


Lower your terminal emulation costs

We offer simple, all-inclusive licensing options that can help to significantly lower your total cost of ownership, with concurrent or per-seat licensing, as well as lower maintenance fees than first-generation emulators. In addition, all upgrades are included in your annual maintenance subscription. Many customers see their terminal emulation costs lowered within the first year, and see further reductions year-over-year for annual maintenance.

In addition to lowering your total cost of ownership through license savings, our centralized distribution features help lower network administration and support overhead, further reducing your terminal emulation costs.

Automated tools make it easy to migrate

Many businesses depend on host-based applications, and losing access for days or weeks on end is not an option. We have over 20 years of experience building terminal emulators and migrating customers from other products. We understand the migration process can’t disrupt your business, and we have a track record of preserving the customizations employees depend on.

Rocket terminal emulation solutions include automated tools that make it easy to convert scripts, macros, and configuration files from many other terminal emulators. You can even match the look, feel, and features of your previous tool. If you need assistance getting up and running, we also offer a full range of professional service packages.

Simple access from mobile devices and web browsers

Most organizations have an opportunity to improve productivity and increase revenue by giving employees mobile access to enterprise apps. That might include freeing warehouse employees from reliance on stationary terminals, giving sales clerks the ability to answer customer questions without leaving their side, or allowing back-office staff to access data from a home computer.

Rocket terminal emulation solutions make it easy to access host systems securely from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device—regardless of operating system. Access is available from any web browser, with no software or plugins to install, or other components to download. Configuration and security are handled through a single, centralized server, eliminating the need for consumer-oriented app stores, and reducing your IT administrative and support overhead.

Modernize access to mission-critical applications

Rocket BlueZone® Terminal Emulation solutions let you improve business flexibility and operational efficiency by providing access to host-based applications via secure, full-featured desktop, web, and mobile interfaces. Built-in security lets you modernize your terminal emulation solution with confidence, and helps you meet compliance requirements.

Our solutions make it possible to extend access to your host-based applications, business processes, and data with confidence. We offer out-of-the-box support for SSL, TLS, SHA-2, and FIPS-certified cryptography, giving you the highest levels of security.

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