Rocket LegaSuite

Rocket LegaSuite

Extend proven applications as new Web and mobile experiences – without recoding
Future-proof your host-based applications

Use Rocket LegaSuite to quickly and easily develop rich web and mobile user experiences for your host-based applications, increasing user satisfaction. Eliminate the time and risk of replacing proven applications and starting from scratch. Instead use LegaSuite to modernize your secure applications to make them more accessible, understandable and more valuable to your business today and tomorrow.

Empowering IBM i in the Digital Age


Give your users beautiful web and mobile functionality

Web and mobile technologies have transformed how customers expect to interact with your business. Green-screen applications don’t readily fit into today’s modern digital landscape. With Rocket LegaSuite Web, your business can deliver intuitive web or mobile experiences that enhance customer engagement and loyalty, while retaining your reliable mainframe, IBM i (AS/400) or UNIX systems.

Get more value from existing systems – with less risk

Mainframe, IBM i (AS/400) or UNIX applications run your business operations, and have delivered rock-solid functionality and value for years. But their terminal-based interfaces are dated, and need to adapt to the needs of new sales channels, customer requirements, and business processes to continue delivering the value your business needs. Rocket LegaSuite helps you increase the value of your host-based systems–without the risky proposition of ditching your tried-and-true code. LegaSuite enables you to build fantastic modern web and mobile user experiences that build on the existing logic embedded in your proven systems.

Improve employee, partner, and customer retention with new user experiences

Employees, customers, and partners can be negatively affected by inefficient UI–slowed down by having to navigate a maze of green screens to accomplish even simple tasks. Using LegaSuite Web, you can create web and mobile-based application workflows that mimic how your users do business – improving employee productivity and retention along the way.