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Effectively and efficiently discover and use business-critical information

Do you need immediate access to information to make decisions? Rocket Folio Views is a high-performance, information retrieval software tool that provides robust, offline text searching within large collections of free-format, mission-critical information. Folio Views enables you to immediately enjoy the benefits of decision support through fast and easy access to information.


Gear Shift Get control of your information

Folio Views gives you complete control over information by keeping you in touch with the data you access and the instant query results your search produces. These features make massive volumes of information feel manageable by enabling you to quickly find the information you need—even when your data contains several gigabytes of free-format information containing graphics, sound and video objects.


Lock imagePersonalize and protect your content

Research has shown that using information—rather than just viewing information—provides higher learning and retention rates. Rocket Folio Views goes beyond browsing by allowing you to make annotations that assist you in learning and remembering the information you use. Electronically add personalized comments in margin notes, highlight information to emphasize portions of text and bookmark or tag key pieces of information. Most importantly, you can instantly search your annotations and modify or edit information as easily as you can with a word processor. Encryption technology protects secured information from unauthorized use.


Leverage the web

The web contains a wealth of information—we know you want to use it as a resource. That’s why Folio Views includes site retrieval functionality, allowing you to save web content in an indexed and compressed format. Then take advantage of Folio Views’ powerful searching and personalization features in an offline environment.


Find the right answer fast

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you seek answers from large volumes of information. Folio Views delivers the power to find your search term as quickly as you can type the word—in most cases finding the search results before you finish typing your query. Plus, Folio Views ranks your search results from most to least relevant, letting you make decisions quickly and with more confidence. With Folio Views, you can be productive, regardless of the size of the content.


Search without syntax

Gone are the days when powerful queries demanded complicated syntax. With Folio Views, you don’t need to know any query syntax, you simply need to know what you want to find. This simplifies information retrieval and provides state-of-the-art natural language search with advanced searching technology.


Focus your search

Eliminate the need to traverse mountains of search results. With Folio Views you can either search an entire collection of information or focus your search on sub-sections of information. Focus your search to words that are within the same paragraph, sentence, or even within a specified distance from each other. You can also search within flexible fields or personal annotations, such as highlighted text and notes.


Customize your experience

Folio Views can be installed in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch or Portuguese. In addition, you can easily customize and extend the Folio Views interface by adding, changing or removing menu items, toolbar buttons or viewing panes. It’s your product—have it your way.


Add value with content organization

Folio Views generates a powerful, dynamic table of contents (TOC) for infobases based on key formatting features—and allows you to view the TOC and your document at the same time. By using the TOC, you can rapidly navigate to exactly the information you need. From there you can search, print, or display only checked branches of an infobase; view only TOC headings with search results and hide irrelevant information; and view the query hit counts under each TOC heading.


Categorize and leverage key portions of content

With Folio Views you can use fields—such as text, date, time, integer and real—to categorize distinct pieces and types of information within an infobase for searching purposes. Infobase fields are not your typical database fields. They are variable in length, may be defined at any time and can be applied anywhere. Plus, infobase fields aren’t tied to an input form and don’t reserve space in a record for future data additions. What’s more, infobase fields are completely flexible in their application.


Harness the power of links

Folio Views’ linking capabilities allow you to enhance your experience by adding customization and valuable insight and definitions to your content. With the 10 different kinds of links included in Folio Views, you can connect to other points in your infobase, create a popup window of text or graphics, reference endnotes in a document without storing them multiple times, connect infobases to the web, store and use files within your infobase, start other software applications, and perform any other command that can be accessed from the menu—and that’s just the beginning of what links can do.


Create content overlays

It’s easy to make changes to content without affecting your master infobase—just create a shadow file. Shadow files overlay infobase content and store your edits so you can see them whenever the infobase is opened. With them, you can create personal annotations, keep your group’s research updates separate from other groups, share your comments and edits as you’d like, prototype changes to your infobase, update your infobase on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM and more—all without any impact to your master file.