Our Story

Our Story

We Build Software That Matters.

One day in 1990, one of our founders started writing assembler code in a spare bedroom in his house near Boston. The very first product he built helped large enterprises solve an important problem—how to process more database queries more efficiently. That was how Rocket Software started.


More than two decades later, our software engineers have built well over 100 products that solve problems across a broad spectrum of enterprise technology. Our engineers talk with you, our customers and partners, every day to discover new pain points and learn about the (hopefully really hard) problems and challenges you face.

We help you prevent outages, protect your data, store your data, share your data, virtualize your data, manage your networks, improve your service levels, discover insights, modernize your applications, access and connect users and applications, minimize risk and increase compliance, and so much more. We build and deliver products that matter to you so that you can deliver your best products, solutions, and services to your customers and grow your business.

Customers & Partners First

We Put You First.

Rocket was founded on the premise that we would build products that matter for people—and we have never wavered from that. In fact, it’s the cornerstone of our core values that we live every day—we put you, our customers and partners, first.

We treat all of our customers and partners as individuals rather than transactions. That’s been our history. And that’s why our customers and partners see us as a trusted partner.

We don’t just sell software. We care about our customers’ and partners’ success—a win for you is a win for us. We spend our time solving the problems that keep you awake. We build software that matters—to you.


Treating You With Humanity.

This is the piece that almost every business today gets wrong. This is the piece that we talk about getting right at Rocket. We put you first and are committed to never letting you fail. We are committed to each other. Rocketeers don’t let each other fail. We are people building software for people. We are people solving problems for people. We have worked really hard over the past 25 years to earn your trust. And for the past 25 years we have always tried to treat you with humanity.