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New: Rocket Data Virtualization v2.1
The right data, in the right format, at the right time.
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Data Virtualization for Mainframe
Universal access to data regardless of location or format
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Move Analytics Closer to Data
Direct, real-time access to information without data movement
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Lower Mainframe TCO
More effective MIPs management - run 99% of processing in zIIP specialty engine
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Best of Breed Integration
Cost-effective integration of mainframe data, programs and screens

Whitepaper: Exploiting The Value of Mainframe Data Virtualization

Using the right kind of software for data virtualization, one can utilize the mainframe resources in ways that do not add to MIPS costs, thereby decreasing overall total cost of operation while extending mainframe utilization.

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Lower Mainframe Costs

The economics of mainframe computing are changing. No longer is there a viable reason to move data or migrate applications off-host. Rocket Data lowers mainframe costs with patented technology, diverting up to 99% of the processing associated for data integration to the zIIP specialty engine.

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Unlock non-relational mainframe data stored in VSAM. Accelerate mainframe analytics and get real-time data access!

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