What you missed at MVU 2015


Missed Rocket MVU 2015?

 Here are some of the presentations from Rocket MVU 2015 organized by product family for easier viewing.

Future Events


A word about future events:

One of our goals moving forward is to be closer to our customers geographically. As we consider future MV events, our objective is to make similar content and networking opportunities available to a wider group of potential attendees around the world.

In 2017, we hope to replicate a lot of the content and enthusiasm of MVU via a series of smaller, highly-focused TechDays in locations across the US, Australia, and Europe. We are also resuming Partner and Distributor meetings, with a commitment to hosting at least one annual face-to-face meeting, and quarterly conference calls to keep members engaged throughout the year. Looking at 2018 and beyond, it’s possible that MVU may return as part of a larger Rocket event, with MV customers having the opportunity to network with other Rocket customers while having the option to attend a track specific to MV.