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SB010 Introduction to SystemBuilder


This self-paced, online course provides those new to SystemBuilder with hands-on experience using the application. There are no prerequisites.
During this class, participants will:

  • Create database files and field definitions
  • Build input screens and inquiry (output) screens
  • Add controlling and dependent fields to screens
  • Create and edit global files and fields
  • Use field definition templates and the field definition tool to quickly create new fields
  • Use COMMON variables, expressions, and paragraph processes to perform a wide variety of tasks within the application
  • And much more!

When finished, participants will have a fully-functioning software application they created themselves from scratch.


This course takes about 4 days to complete. Participants will review audio-based online modules, answer knowledge check questions, and complete a variety of learning activities that will give them practical experience using the application.


This course is free to those with an active maintenance contract on UniData or UniVerse. Participants must have a valid UniData or UniVerse serial number available to register.

Click Intro to SystemBuilder Online Course to access the course. Download a free trial version of UniData or UniVerse.
If you do not have an active maintenance agreement and would like to access this course, please contact your sales and renewal associate.