Rocket Training and Services

Overview of File Concepts (FM050)

Duration: 1 Day

Description: This course acquaints the student with the structures within a Model 204 file and their associated functions. Access methods for each internal table are covered, along with detailed descriptions of the information contained in each table. Students will better understand how the Model 204 physical file structure supports the operation of User Language.

File Design and Management (FM100)

Duration: 4 Days

Description: Designed for File or System Managers responsible for creating or maintaining files, the class walks students through the steps for creating a file using the File Management Facility of Dictionary. Also included are lectures about functional and representational field attributes, design considerations, space estimations, and file integrity. Learn how to:

  • Design a Model 204 file from start to finish.
  • Choose the appropriate file organization (such as hashed or order entry).
  • Load and reorganize a file.
  • Accurately size Tables A, B, C, and D to avoid reorganizing the file.
  • Assign field attributes and determine which fields should be indexed.
  • Create file groups.
  • DUMP and RESTORE files.

File Performance and Tuning (FM350)

Duration: 2 Days

Description: Designed for File or System Managers who have taken the File Design and Management (FM100) class or the Introduction to System Management (SM100) class, this course emphasizes the aspects of file design and creation that affect application performance at the file level. It focuses on reducing physical I/O to Tables A, B, C, and D through appropriate parameter settings and field descriptions. Learn how to:

  • Reduce physical I/O to Tables A, B, C, and D.
  • Control the number of buffers by setting CCAIN parameters.
  • Enable the Look-Ahead Read feature (and learn what it affects).
  • Implement File Scattering.
  • Use groups to improve performance.
  • Identify candidates for DASD Fast-Write.
  • Monitor space utilization in Table B.

Note: Rocket M204 recommends that you complete the following course before taking this class: File Design and Management (FM100) class or Introduction to System Management (SM100).

Students are asked to bring listings containing the following command output from one of their database files: VIEW FPARMS; VIEW TABLES; VIEW OINODES, OIDEPTH, OILEAVES, OINYTES, OILPACT; TABLEB LIST of a representative set of pages; TABLEC or any utilization statistics for that file (from audit trail).