Rocket® Uniface is a model-driven, low-code application development and deployment platform for enterprise businesses, software integrators, and ISVs. Rocket’s all-in-one solution allows you to implement your choice of modernization options efficiently and without risk. Its continuously updated functionality supports the technologies and the development disciplines required to both build modern applications and modernize legacy applications. On your modernization journey, achieve sophisticated results with an easy-to-use model.

Why Rocket® Uniface?

Modernized applications are appealing to end users and can create momentum for further modernization
Flexibility to deploy the same applications on Windows, web, and mobile platforms
Front-end modernization options that can be used “out of the box” mean speed and agility in development and deployment
Customizable drag-and-drop components and a library of quick-start tools that speed app building
Ease of use and all the training resources you need to get started quickly
The Rocket® professional services team can help implement these enhancements with a program that uses predictable and repeatable steps
Proven technology (more than 100 migration and web app projects so far) and up to 80% less coding brings efficiencies in time and costs
Fewer lines of code increases reliability and reduces error rates

Still not convinced? Hear Anker Seacrew discuss how Rocket® Uniface allows them to run a tight ship as part of meeting global enterprise standards.

When Anker Insurance pulls into port, it’s critical that the transition of crew, materials, and information be quick, seamless, and absolutely reliable for this provider of insurance and services managing maritime personnel. Rocket® Uniface ensures that all the moving pieces, including secure identity credentials and other official documents, make the transition without a hitch. With thousands of users worldwide and on the go, Anker relies on Rocket® Uniface to perform at peak for smooth sailing from start to finish.

Ready to start your modernization journey? Ask an expert about Rocket® Uniface today!