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5 Steps for Securing Your Product Data Exchange Within Teamcenter

Secure your product data exchange workflow

The security of valuable product design data is a concern of engineering teams worldwide. Many rely on complicated supply chain ecosystems comprised of dozens of suppliers and partners, and they’re all exchanging data on a daily basis. Without a security strategy for the product data exchange workflow, the risk to intellectual property (IP) is high.

In this eBook, “5 Steps for Securing Your Product Data Exchange Within Teamcenter”, you will learn five steps to building out a secure product data exchange workflow.

These five steps will help you:

  • Protect your competitive advantages in the market by ensuring your IP does not end up in the wrong hands
  • Consistently adhere to the strict supply chain mandates of OEM partners, thus strengthening those partner relationships
  • Confidently share sensitive product data with OEMs and partners
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