Rocket President's Advisory Council v1

Rocket President’s Advisory Council

Rocket was built on the belief that our products should matter to the people we serve, and on our commitment to putting our customers and partners first. For 30 years we’ve worked to build long-lasting relationships based on empathy, humanity, trust, and love, and we’re committed to those values now more than ever.

That’s why we created the Rocket President’s Advisory Council (RPAC), a hand-picked group of technology and business leaders that share our values and help shape our product roadmaps and company strategy. The insights and feedback we get from RPAC members help us make better decisions for Rocket on behalf of our customers and partners.

While this year's RPAC gatherings will not be face-to-face, attendees will still have the opportunity to speak with Rocket leaders and other RPAC members, share insights with the Rocket team, and identify business challenges and opportunities for all of us.

Why join

  • Connect with global business and technology leaders
  • Influence Rocket R&D roadmaps and investments
  • Get ahead of industry trends
  • Network with industry peers
  • Collaborate with Rocket executives
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Who should join

We encourage buyers, partners, and users of Rocket solutions to join the product segment of the RPAC. The executive session will be limited to attendees who play strategic roles in their companies and are interested in helping us shape our future.

Each session will include 10-15 participants, with a maximum of two people per organization. We recruit new members year-round.

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How to join

Membership in the RPAC is invitation-only. If you are interested in receiving a formal invitation, please contact us, and we will follow up.

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What to expect

While we find in-person RPAC events to be extremely valuable, this year it’s necessary to hold the RPAC virtually. The event will be split up into three days, each consisting of 90-minute sessions.

The first two days will focus on Rocket products and services and will provide customers with the opportunity to provide feedback about their engagement with Rocket and our solutions. The third day will be an executive-level session, where customer executives can discuss their priorities and business challenges with Rocket leaders.

Each day will be set up to facilitate conversation and provide the most value to all participants. You’ll receive a survey prior to the event that the Rocket team will use to tailor the sessions to fit your needs. In addition, we still want to give you an opportunity to connect with Rocket leaders one-on-one. We’ll reach out to each RPAC member directly to schedule meetings based on conversations you’d like to have.

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What people are saying

"I would not change anything, as the open discussions allowed the conversation to go in directions as required."

- VP of Development - EU

"It is good to see what you're doing and have the opportunity to provide some input."

- Director Mainframe Operations - USA

"The most important thing was learning about the challenges others are facing in their business and how they are addressing them."

- Director of IT - USA



We host RPACs focused on IBM zSystems, modernization, and MultiValue, and are always adding more topics as our customers' interests and industries change. For more information, please contact us at [email protected]


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