Rocket Discover How-To Series: Videos 5-8

We’ve created several videos to help get you started with Discover. Whether you’re just installing the product, getting users setup, exploring data prep or creating your first dashboards, we’ve got you covered. Each video provides you with step-by-step instructions for the task. You can watch them in order or skip around to the topic that pertains to your needs. Be sure to check back for new additions to the series.


5. Working with Queries Part I

Data preparation basics are reviewed including details on the join
operator which is used in a query to combine data from multiple data sources.

6. Working with Queries Part II

Advanced features are used to create a refined and robust query.
Formulas, categorization, filters, and aggregated data features will be reviewed.



7. Working with Queries Part III

See how the data pack is used to join multiple tables in a single database.

8. Working with Dashboards

Visualizations are created using fundamental and advanced features such as coordinated highlighting.


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