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Rocket D3 Database Management System Courses - U.S.

Course Description Next Session Location Tuition Duration
P110 Rocket D3 Database Management System Essentials Featuring Version 9.x TBA Irvine, CA $2,595 4 Days


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For training available outside the United States, please contact your respective International office location.


What Class Attendees Are Saying

"I'm new to D3. Every day was packed with great information. I loved having a 'hands-on' experience with the virtual server."

"The course material is great and it's loaded with excellent information that's laid out very well."

"Very good instructor... he presented the information clearly and is excellent in explaining and answering questions."

"It was great to have a virtual machine right in front of me when we were learning. I could do what the instructor was doing and that is a great help."

"The instructor was the best I ever had! Really knows and lives the subject and it shows..."

"The class was great. I feel confident pursuing (practice) on my own with the skills I picked up in class."


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