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Rocket BlueZone Terminal Emulation

Comprehensive terminal emulation at lower cost

Rocket® BlueZone® provides a fast, cost-efficient way to access terminal-based applications from desktops, web, or mobile devices. Secure, slim and powerful, our solutions lower your total cost of ownership with flexible, all-inclusive licensing. Many customers have their costs reduced considerably in the first year, as well as reductions in annual maintenance costs every year after.

Why Rocket BlueZone?

  • Flexible, all-inclusive licensing can help you save money
  • Easy host access anywhere, any time
  • Automated tools to simplify the migration process
  • Connect from anywhere, and from any device
  • Access multiple applications from one interface

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“As a value-added reseller (VAR), we are on the ‘client end’ of these distribution chains. Our purpose is to implement software in client specific solutions and Rocket® BlueZone® Terminal Emulation enables us to do that successfully in every situation we’ve encountered.”

— Richard Smith
Technical Support Manager


*Downloads of Rocket BlueZone may be used free of charge in both production and test environments during 30 days. Rocket customer support for these downloads will also be available free of charge during this period. Use after 30 days will require purchase of a license or subscription.

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