Rocket Aldon iAudit Integrity

Rocket Software

Prevent problems and reduce outages from “secret” software

Now, you can know what’s really in your production environment

In today's complex, multiplatform environments, it’s easy to end up with thousands of software objects that need to be managed and maintained. And easy to lose track of what’s there and why—making it hard to get to the bottom of problems before they affect business users.

Wouldn't it be great if you could wave a magic wand over your millions of lines of code and know exactly what's in there and how it got there?

Introducing Rocket® Integrity Audit. Our easy-to-use free tool will identify potential concerns in your IBM i environment and give you a detailed report on such issues as:

  • Source and objects that don't match
  • Object authorities that are set incorrectly
  • Missing source code
  • Logical and physical files mismatch

So stop flying blind. Check out Rocket Aldon today.