Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager for U2 Webinar

Aldon Lifecycle Manager is Rocket’s Enterprise Software Configuration and Change Management solution.

The latest version of Rocket Aldon LM has built-in U2 Support for Rocket UniData and Rocket UniVerse including Programs, Data Dictionary Items, Schema Changes, TCL, wIntegrate, AE, and ED.

Aldon LM simplifies audit compliance, facilitates task and backlog management, enforces quality standards, and secures and manages access to software assets.

During this webinar, join Chris White, Rocket’s Director of Solutions Engineering for Aldon, and learn more about how Aldon LM works with U2 including how Aldon LM:

  • Tracks the progress of all software development and deployments
  • Automates and manages builds and releases
  • Deploys complex multi-platform applications
  • Supports development tool plugins

The webinar also includes an overview of U2 Replication and its Architecture, Monitoring U2 Replication, Building a Single Publisher Replicating to a Single Subscriber on Rocket® UniVerse, Building a Cluster using RFS to a Single Subscriber on Rocket® UniData, and Rocket U2 HADR Documents Available.