Rocket CopyCrypt

Powerful encryption and compliance solutions

Encryption is no longer optional when it comes to storing your data as part of your disaster recovery processes. Corporate best practices and government regulations mandate that your critical data be stored in encrypted form. Rocket® CopyCrypt® software encrypts mainframe tape data to close the window of compliance exposure for application backups, as well as full volume backups.

Comply with government regulations

Your company's backup tapes can fall into the wrong hands through a number of means, including theft, loss in transit, and natural disasters. Encrypting backup tape data is essential. Rocket CopyCrypt encrypts mainframe tape data to close the window of compliance exposure for application backups, full volume backups, and business-to-business files.

CopyCrypt protects sensitive information in compliance with government regulations (HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, etc.) by encrypting critical data during the backup process using non-proprietary, open source encryption algorithms such as DES, 3DES, and AES - the official US government standard.

Encrypt proprietary datasets

Rocket CopyCrypt is an enterprise solution for mainframe tape backup that encrypts standard application data, as well as proprietary datasets like DFSMShsm, DFSMSdss, IBM® Db2®, and FDR.

CopyCrypt uses centralized, automated key management and there are no proprietary key processes to maintain. Five, ten, or twenty years later—the key used to encrypt your data will still be available if the data needs to be decrypted.

Selective encryption using unique rule-based criteria in CopyCrypt provides a balance between the need for data protection with the availability of time and resources.

CopyCrypt protects your high-capacity tape investment by supporting compression, allowing encrypted and non-encrypted data to be processed by the same job, and stacked onto the same backup tape to keep offsite storage costs low.

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