Extend and modernize your applications with Python

Innovate with the power of the Python community

Organizations worldwide rely on Rocket® U2 solutions to run business-critical applications. Now you can build and extend those applications using the Python programming language. It connects to Rocket U2 applications as a native language, just as BASIC has long done. Now you can tap into the creativity, brainpower, enthusiasm and code resources of the large Python development community.

Rocket UniVerse and Python
Build better, more-modern applications faster

With Python, developers can create Rocket U2 functionality using a more modern language.  Developers can directly access BASIC programs that were created in Rocket® UniVerse, but also use Python’s open source support and link third-party packages to Rocket U2 resources, including data, subroutines, query tools, and tasks. They can transform current applications, replacing terminal-only interfaces with GUIs and mobile interfaces. Developers can even develop entirely new applications in Python. 

You get the best of both worlds: the legendary reliability and efficiency of Rocket U2 applications with the look, feel, and simplicity of today’s edgiest apps, and a language that appeals to a broad range of development talent.

You’re already ready to roll

If you’ve updated to the latest version of Rocket UniVerse (11.3.1), your developers are ready to go: Python 3.4.1 is installed with it. (If you have not updated, contact Rocket for a license.)

Ready to use Python? Switch to Python natively from within UniVerse simply by typing “PYTHON” in TCL and/or “RUNPY.”

Make sure to visit our U2 Python resource page for helpful videos, documentation, and code libraries. We hope that you will contribute to them.  

Modernize applications securely

Rocket UniVerse works with the latest protocols, enabling a host of new possibilities.  For example, you can be ready for the Internet of Things with IPv6 support and its vastly larger pool of IP addresses. Connect a general ledger application with a web-enabled application via call HTTP support. Get limited access to user accounts on Facebook, GitHub, Google, Microsoft, and other HTTP services through OAuth 2.0 authorization flows for web and desktop applications, as well as mobile devices.

And since UniVerse is a 64-bit platform, you can provide customers with more flexibility when accessing external systems with larger data, including extended precision in larger numbers.