What's New in Rocket UniVerse 11.3

Key highlights

High Availability/Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) capabilities

UniVerse 11.3 includes enhanced HA/DR capabilities that keep applications up and running at all times while protecting your data.

  • Improved CGT performance - Experience significant performance gains by tuning of Cross-Group Transactions (CGT) when large volumes of transaction data are replicated across multiple replication groups.
  • Delayed standby replication - If you’ve accidentally committed data to the database, you can prevent it from replicating. This is also useful for keeping malicious updates out of the replicas.
  • Replication pacing - By pacing the speed of delivery from the publisher to match the ability of subscribers, servers won’t become overwhelmed. 

Enhanced audit logging

New user-configurable tools make it easier to monitor and establish audit histories for specific assets and events in your UniVerse system, helping you meet HIPAA, HITECH, PCI-DSS and SOX compliance needs (among others). 

Improved OpenSSL upgrades and agility

As the number of threats continuously grows and evolves, we’ve made encryption easier to maintain by incorporating modular OpenSSL libraries that can be downloaded as security patches, and updated independently of upgrading UniVerse.

FIPS 140-2 support

The addition of FIPS 140-2 support, via an embedded cryptographic module, allows the server to comply with Federal Information Processing Standards for all crypto-operations.

UniVerse Credential Manager

To simplify Single Sign-on, UniVerse now includes its own Credential Manager. Rather than simply depending on the operating system or LDAP for credential management, you can now control who has access from within the UniVerse server.

DBTools Resource View security

To protect data in transit, all communications between UniVerse and the DBTools Resource View are now encrypted using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. 

Python support

Python, one of the most widely used open source community programming languages, now interfaces with UniVerse 11.3 as a native language. This makes it easier for younger developers to work with UniVerse, helping you attract (and retain) new employees.

IPv6 compatibility

IPv6 compatibility provides the ability to create more IP addresses for years to come, and utilizes a more secure data pack in the process. 

64-bit integer support

By extending UniVerse ODBC to support larger data sets, there is no longer an issue with imprecision in large numbers; often a concern for larger financial institutions.

Want to upgrade?

If you have a current Support and Maintenance Agreement for Rocket UniVerse, you can find additional information and download the release on Rocket Business Connect (RBC).   

If you would like to upgrade to UniVerse 11.3 but do not have an active maintenance agreement, please contact your Rocket Software Account Executive to discuss options. If you do not know your Account Executive or would prefer to have someone contact you, please contact us, and we will be in touch as soon as possible.