Scale applications to meet business and user demands

Ensure data recoverability and business continuity

Rocket® U2 solutions run applications that are vital to inventory management, order processing, and many other business operations. System uptime, uninterrupted data access, and ensuring data integrity are all critical to meeting the expectations of users inside and outside the business.

Rocket DBMS and Application Servers
Deploy high availability and disaster recovery that fits your business

Rocket U2 solutions are long-known for their reliability.  So much so that many businesses have forgone the expense of High Availability/Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) protection—or settled for methods like SAN replication, which don’t adequately protect MultiValue databases. Rocket U2 offers High Availability/Disaster Recovery capabilities that make it easy to ensure business continuity, even as business demands, user expectations for 24x7 support, and compliance requirements increase.

It’s easy and affordable to implement native HA/DR protection that scales with your business.  Rocket U2 features fast, reliable data replication with no application changes. In fact, replication automatically optimizes in many cases, so it’s simple to install and operate.  The enhancements to the MultiValue (MV) HA/DR capabilities make comprehensive HA/DR easier than ever.

► Learn about Replication Pacing and Delayed Standby to keep your system healthy.

Keep your important applications available

Create replicas of the production MV database for data mining, reporting or other internal uses separate from production, so they won’t impact your customers or primary users. Enjoy efficient replication and recoverability, support for transaction processing, and data replication robust enough for mission-critical applications. In addition to keeping your data safely stored in Rocket UniVerse, you can even replicate your data to SQL databases (e.g., Oracle, IBM Db2 or Microsoft SQL Server).

Protect your business and its future

Rocket customers have deployed High Availability/Disaster Recovery replicas to protect their businesses—and their futures.  For example, a retail chain replicates three production servers to 12 servers for testing, development, reporting and HA/DR, with real-time updates (via EDA) to their SQL Server data warehouse.

In another example, a large European bank with stringent data loss and downtime SLAs uses Rocket UniVerse replication for disaster recovery. And for a large manufacturer, Rocket supports four separate operating divisions, spanning three continents, in their annual failover exercises required for financial compliance.  Let us show you how Rocket can help you.