High performance database management tools

Intuitive database design and high-performance data access

Rocket® U2 DBMS and Application development solutions provide high performance while securing data through encryption and authentication for your solutions. They feature intuitive design with high-performance queries and interfaces for .NET, Java, and other APIs and protocols.

Monitoring Performance in Web DE v5.2.0
Built to make your applications shine

Rocket U2 solutions are designed to deliver expanded data access and development versatility with greater interoperability. The Rocket U2 platform offers a database and application server with outstanding performance, scalability and manageability. The combination of mature technology and advanced features makes Rocket U2 an easy choice for developers. That's why they have built thousands of industry-focused solutions on Rocket U2.

Our MultiValue technology automates table space allocation to optimize performance, saving disk usage and gaining efficiency. Our unique architecture and direct read capability mean fewer I/Os and faster access to data. Rocket U2 data connectivity solutions pair with a rapid application development tool to speed application development.

The Rocket U2 product family delivers reliability and peformance for your data-driven business applications running on Unix and Linux-based platforms.