Powerful, flexible development tools

Barrier-free data management developers and users can trust

The Rocket® U2 Database Management System (DBMS) and Application Servers, UniVerse and UniData, are the platform of choice for thousands of companies worldwide building industry-focused solutions. The U2 platforms have a long track record of success, and continue to power the next generation of applications for these companies, whether for web apps, mobile devices, or PCs.

MultiValue Application Platform
Data management and application development tools to meet any need

U2 has been continually enhanced to stay current with the infrastructure and application development needs customers expect.  Today, U2 offers a 64-bit architecture to let customers take advantage of the latest platforms, 64-bit file support, and 64-bit integer support. We’ve upgraded support from IPv4 to IPv6, to allow the use of U2 applications with devices running IPv6, added OAuth support so you can obtain limited access to HTTP services that support OAuth capabilities in your applications, and enabled applications to be localized with multi-byte character support.

U2 allows mobile, web, and desktop applications and components to interoperate seamlessly, letting you meet the expectations of your users by delivering applications for all of these platforms.