Built-in cost efficiency

Less overhead, more uptime

Rocket® U2 DBMS and Application Servers help you conserve your IT budget and preserve your existing IT investments, with proven technology that doesn’t demand a large staff of programmers or admins. MultiValue databases and tools help thousands of customers worldwide meet their business challenges with low cost of ownership, minimal maintenance, high dependability, and high levels of uptime.

Rocket DBMS and Application Servers
More value, less cost for developers and administrators

Rocket U2 products speed time-to-market for both new applications and updates to existing solutions, with time-saving tools and intuitive design that drive down application development costs.

In production, dynamic and automatic scaling makes the most of available resources, and dynamic allocation of table space optimizes performance and limits performance-sapping disk use. The small hardware footprint required to run U2 solutions also makes them appealing to resource-minded businesses, as does a track record of requiring only modest overhead to operate the system on an ongoing basis. 

Unlike some other DBMS and Application Server platforms, UniVerse and UniData do not require an army of programmers and administrators to operate, maintain, and expand the solutions built with U2.