Rocket Servergraph

Storage monitoring and capacity planning
Protect critical data with successful back-ups

For storage environments that include a mix of IBM Spectrum Protect (the former Tivoli System Manager) and multi-vendor storage products, Rocket Servergraph makes it easy to understand what’s happening in your backup environment. With support for vendors and storage devices, including cloud options, you can ensure your critical data isn’t vulnerable to a capacity surprise.  In addition to ensuring peak performance, you can also automate daily backups and alerts to isolate a problem before it affects your business while documenting adherence to SLAs. Predefined reports identify trends and project growth to reduce costly last-minute purchases.

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Identify and resolve problems before they affect your business

Running out of capacity can affect overall application availability and performance. Servergraph ensures storage devices are not the root cause of performance issues by continuously monitoring and forecasting storage usage, across more than 30+ different data protection environments and storage devices, including VTLs, schedulers, tape, and disks. A centralized console delivers comprehensive, end-to-end reporting of storage metrics by business unit, geo, or other key categories.

When Servergraph identifies an issue, you can see the root cause at a glance, and drill down into performance details.


”When we combine Servergraph with our MSP offering, we’ve been able to show our customers, on average, a 30-50 percent cost savings per year.”

—  Darren Sanders

Principal Consultant

Simplify audit preparation

Most enterprise backup environments include multiple toolsets, schedulers and storage environments – often from a variety of vendors. In that environment, meeting governance and compliance requirements can be challenging with many organizations struggling to balance business opportunities with the rigor required to produce  end-to-end reporting.

Servergraph’s combination of best practices and automation simplifies documentation and reporting for external and internal purposes, allowing IT staff to focus on running the business

Improve storage capacity planning; realize an immediate ROI

Running out of storage can affect the performance of critical applications leading, to costly outages and angry users. Servergraph lets you diagnose storage issues while optimizing the performance of applications that depend on any storage element.

Collecting data manually in spreadsheets for capacity planning and forecasting is not just time consuming, it’s also often ineffective. Without a storage monitoring tool that also includes strong reporting, it can be challenging to identify trends or sporadic storage consumption. Servergraph automates the creation of storage utilization and trending reports that can play a key role in capacity and budget planning. With Servergraph you can easily identify when you’re approaching capacity limits, address bottlenecks and avoid costly last minute purchases.

Custom reporting made easy

Rocket Servergraph includes hundreds of standard reports and dashboards. You can easily tailor reports to a given audience and focus on the business requirements they care most about, making reports specific to applications, policies, regions, departments and more.

IT managers can view top-level summaries of their areas of responsibility or drill down to data from the layer or asset of immediate interest. The reports are easy to set up and navigate, easing the burden on data center staff so that even non-specialist and helpdesk staff can create reports and see how backups are working.

Rocket Servergraph proactively manages:
  • Data protection applications from IBM, Veritas, Dell EMC, Veeam, Commvault, and others
  • Deduplication devices from Dell EMC, IBM, Hitachi, and others
  • Storage devices from IBM, Dell EMC, NetApp, HP and Huawei
  • Workload automation solutions from IBM, CA Technologies, BMC Software and OpCon
  • Cloud storage from Microsoft and Amazon Web Services

Please see the Tech Specs for a complete list of supported solutions.