Simplify audit preparation

Satisfy auditors, improve uptime and security

Most enterprise backup environments include multiple toolsets, schedulers and storage environments–often from a variety of vendors. Meeting governance and compliance requirements can be challenging, and many organizations struggle to balance business opportunities with the rigor required to produce end-to-end reporting. With Servergraph it’s as simple as creating a dashboard.

Access Control

Servergraph’s real time dashboards combine monitoring and reporting best practices with automation to simplify and speed up responses to external and internal requests. That makes it easier for IT staff to focus on more business-strategic tasks.

Servergraph integrates with Microsoft® Active Directory for user account and access rights management. Servergraph offers detailed, customizable role-based access permissions that admins can associate with various users and backup systems. Admins can assign each user to one or more “scopes” that grant access to specific backup processes, devices, reports, and functions. This allows you to restrict users to only the data and actions they needs, to perform their job function and supports specialized roles such as auditor, administrator, or report reviewer.


Real-time, on-demand dashboards can collect logs from all of your backup applications for effective centralized management. You can also configure real-time alerts that go out to people who need them automatically. Servergraph retains archives of all logs for as long as you need them, and you can customize them for any duration. This ensures that all historic evidence is available on demand.


Servergraph’s connections to your backup systems support various protocols for your functional requirements with the secure SSH version 2 protocol preferred. All sessions require authentication and are protected from unauthorized access or eavesdropping.