Rocket R/Link Technical Specifications

Sharing Features

  • Enable/Disable Sharing per user or group
  • Set storage space quota default size for new users or groups
  • Adjust storage space quota per user or group
  • Enable/disable external user sharing by user or group
  • When enabled, Local and LDAP/AD users can invite external users without administrator intervention

R/Link Storage

  • MyShares Document Repository
    • JSR-170 Java Content Repository
    • Configurable encryption using AES128
    • Files can only be moved in and out of the repository through R/Link and cannot be accessed through the hosting file system or OS
    • Access to shared folders controlled by the users
  • Hosting Server Local File System available to the Java Virtual Machine
    • Accessible through R/Link or the hosting OS file system
    • Use for moving files in and out of R/Link system using external processes
    • Access through R/Link controlled by the administrator using User/Group access policies

Networking Features

  • Inbound Protocols (How clients can connect to the R/Link server)
    • FTP
    • FTPS
    • SFTP
    • HTTPS
  • Outbound Protocols (The R/Link server connecting to other servers)
    • Windows Networking (CIFS/SMB)
    • FTP
    • FTPS
    • SFTP
  • Convert or Proxy any inbound to any outbound protocol


  • Transfer Logging
    • Date/time
    • User name
    • Filename and Path
    • In protocol
    • Out protocol
    • Source IP
  • Security Loggings
    • Date/time
    • Log in success
    • Log in failure
    • Source IP

Server Requirements

  • Windows or UNIX Server
  • Standalone or on a virtual machine
  • Success/failure
  • Java Application Server supporting Java 6 NIO
  • Apache Tomcat 6 or 7 on Windows or Unix OS is recommended
  • Sufficient system memory to allocate 1 GB to the R/Link WebApp

Client Requirements

  • Any browser supporting HTML5 on any platform
  • Mobile browsers limited to downloading and viewing files using the built in viewers. File uploads may be limited by the mobile operating system
  • Any File transfer client supporting FTP, FTPS (SSL/TLS), or SFTP (SSH)