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Rocket CopyExport Manager is a parameter driven software product which runs under z/OS and automates the copy export process for IBM TS7700 virtual tape systems. CopyExport Manager may be used in either a TS7700 stand-alone or grid configuration and automates the CE process by eliminating the need for REXX coding to implement CE.

Why Rocket CopyExport Manager?

In most cases, as part of the copy export process, there is no assurance that the process completes correctly or that the desired data is sent off-site. There is also no confirmation that critical tape data sets are written to the CE volumes or vaulted. With CopyExport Manager, the audit process can produce detailed reports, including: out-coded virtual tapes that are not on a CE tape, a disaster recovery pull list that highlights the CE tape with the most current TS7700 database, and tape utilization as a percentage of tape capacity.

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