Improved resource management

Reduce costs for better ROI on storage investments

Return on investment isn't just measured in time and management savings. A significant contribution comes from extending the life of media and related technology. Rocket® OpenTech products make efficient use of resources to improve the return on previous investments.

Optimized recall of virtual tape datasets

By optimizing the recall of virtual tape datasets, Rocket Virtual Tape Advanced Recall helps make more effective use of existing virtual tape cache. It can eliminate or postpone expensive virtual tape hardware cache upgrades.

Keeping tape in circulation

Rocket OpenTech products work with all tape formats. Further, Rocket Virtual Data Recovery (VDR) and VDR LE provide the ability to “recycle” underutilized tape media without the risk of first returning the backup media to the data center. VDR and VDR LE find the remaining, unexpired data sets on a backup tape and reselect the original data set for backup. A new, better-utilized backup tape is created and sent to the vault. The less-utilized tape is then expired and returned from the vault. In addition, backups can be recovered directly to DASD from the VDR or VDR LE backup tape–saving a substantial amount of recovery time.