Root cause analysis

Prevent service disruptions

To prevent service disruption, network administrators need to identify quickly the root cause of problems—no easy feat in complex, multi-vendor networks. Rocket® NetCure® solutions offer adaptive event-correlation technology that can pinpoint root-cause failures in real time across OSS layers.

Rocket NetCure: Correlation Without Borders
Find issues, then fix them automatically

Rocket NetCure includes a library of built-in event correlation rules and analysis tools that can pinpoint the root cause of network failures quickly. You can tell NetCure to fix many issues automatically, without operator intervention.

Even better, you can browse network history and status by using the NetCare action console. For predictable problems, you can program it to issue corrective actions, change management policies, send reports, bring a quick resolution without administrative action, and more. NetCure includes a rule system that automatically adapts to changing networks and can correlate across traditional management boundaries.