Predictive metrics

Anticipate and resolve problems before they happen

Many administrators of complex, multi-vendor networks tell us that to prevent service disruptions, they would ideally have a crystal ball. Rocket® NetCure® solutions do the crystal ball one better. It helps you anticipate network behavior by monitoring custom thresholds for notification and responding automatically. Your network stays healthy without administrator involvement.

Rocket NetCure: Correlation Without Borders
Automation that keeps the network (and administrators) calm

Rocket NetCure continually monitors your network and keeps administrators up to date on activity by providing programmatic updates based on periodic cycles, thresholds, and other triggers. With NetCure, every type of event passes through several types of configurable filtering before being posted. For example, a single event that occurs 1,000 times can be posted in a single alert noting 1,000 repetitions. These programmable alerts tone down the noise to help keep administrator attention focused on legitimate issues.

NetCure can also provide automatic changes to network policies to handle predictable and temporary situations, avoiding failures. Additionally, rule-based management policy configuration adapts to network changes without requiring configuration changes.