Automated network management

Improve data and application availability

Enterprises with complex, multi-vendor networks need to manage services across traditional management boundaries to improve network performance. It's very difficult to succeed in that effort without intelligent automation. Rocket® NetCure® solutions automatically map the network and correlate events for failure analysis and predictive performance metrics.

Rocket NetCure: Correlation Without Borders
Automatic discovery and rediscovery keep network views accurate

From routers to databases, IP telephones to Microsoft® Windows® services, Rocket NetCure is the only software offering adaptive correlation technology that can pinpoint root-cause failures in real time across OSS layers. 

Rocket NetCure auto-discovers systems from Layer 2 to Layer 7 and monitors these systems for faults and performance metrics. Periodic rediscoveries of all or part of the network can dynamically update your network diagrams so the current state of the network is always represented in the model. NetCure can even provide a centralized view of multiple networks with overlapping address spaces.

The only Rocket U2-aware network management system

NetCure, in combination with Rocket UniData® or UniVerse data servers, provides a level of security and control to Rocket U2 systems that's unavailable from any other software vendor. Rocket NetCure can autodiscover Rocket U2 systems, the hosts they are running on, accounts, files, services, processes, and more. It can even issue Rocket U2 commands in response to event scenarios—for example, a resize command triggered by file overflow.