Rocket® Modern Experience (formerly Rocket® LegaSuite®)

Rocket® Modern Experience lets you create the high-end IBM® i and IBM zSystems® modern front ends that your market and users—internal employees, partners, or end customers—demand. Drive cost savings and productivity improvements across the organization without needing COBOL or RPG development expertise.

Why Rocket Modern Experience?

  • Increase productivity: Reimagine the experience of your IBM i/zSystems applications and align them to how your users engage with your applications and not to how IT is built. Simplify multiple green screens into one modern UI, change the organization of fields, or restructure the transfer of data to and from the applications to drive real business value.
  • Attract and retain the customers and talent you want: Provide employees and customers the robust functionality of your IBM i/zSystems applications through a modern, intuitive interface, reducing churn.
  • Engage and attract younger developers: Rocket Modern Experience enables developers to code for IBM i/zSystems applications without RPG/COBOL experience. You can not only attract younger developers to your teams, but also lessen reliance on your already busy open source and RPG developers, bridging the skills gap and driving developer productivity all at once.

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“The Rocket Software team knew exactly what our challenge was, both from a business and a technical perspective.”

Aldo Miceli
Vice President and CIO
TW Metals


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