Rocket TeraSAM

Improve application performance and efficiency

Rocket TeraSAM improves application performance and efficiency through better management of VSAM files. TeraSAM transparently segments large VSAM files and allows segmented data sets to be accessed directly. This opens the door to improved storage resource management and increased VSAM performance.

Rocket Mainframe

Improve storage usage. Boost VSAM performance.

As the need to collect and analyze transactional data grows, so do the files that contain that data. Large files become cumbersome and difficult to manage. The amount of time required to access data grows alongside the growing file size. As a result, it takes longer to search through large files, longer to run analysis reports on them, and longer to back them up.

What if you could physically partition a large file into several smaller files, but still treat it as one large file when necessary? With Rocket TeraSAM, each physically partitioned file can be processed quickly and efficiently when necessary, and the logical files can be processed as a single unit without changing any application code. It segments a large file, based on criteria that you specify, such as department, job role, or geography into several smaller physical files. Analysis and reporting of data can be enabled on a cross-segment basis for some users, while only certain segments are available to others. Rocket TeraSAM provides data segmentation that is completely customizable to your unique environment.

Enjoy better batch performance, reduced risk (through segment-only recovery), faster access, and more.