Rocket Managed Key Encryption for RSA Key Manager for z/OS

Protect sensitive personal data on your mainframe and ensure compliance

Leverage RSA® Key Manager Client V1.5.2 functionality (encryption, decryption, and HMAC operations using keys with managed life cycles) in a wide range of transactional mainframe environments (including IBM® CICS® programs and IBM Db2® stored procedures) while consolidating related administration work.

Rocket Mainframe

Trusted infrastructure for reference-class compliance implementations

When your business depends on the ability to process thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of daily online transactions involving sensitive payment card (or other) customer information, encrypting that data at the point of acquisition can play a critical role in achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance. Similarly, your ability to recognize revenue or provide customer service may depend on your ability to subsequently search on, or extract sensitive transaction data from, a large central database.

If you live in the United States or the United Kingdom, and you use a credit card to make retail purchases, it's likely that your own sensitive personal information is already being protected by Rocket® Managed Key Encryption for RSA Key Manager.

Rocket Managed Key Encryption for RSA Key Manager protects compliance-sensitive data as they are accumulated and used: inside online application transactions and database transactions. It extends the encryption, decryption, and HMAC calculation functions of RSA Key Manager Client to a variety of transactional mainframe execution environments, and its task architecture consolidates and centralizes provisioning, logging, access control, and troubleshooting tasks related to encryption and key management. The Client API provides simple call-level interfaces for COBOL or C programs. Client API versions are available for IBM CICS programs, as well as IBM Db2 stored procedures.

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