Rocket Key Bridge for IBM ICSF and RSA Key Manager for z/OS

Streamline mainframe key management and auditing for improved compliance

Rocket® Key Bridge for IBM ICSF and RSA Key Manager software uses the class-leading enterprise key life-cycle management of RSA® Key Manager to optimize your protection of sensitive data in IBM® z/OS® environments. It simplifies cryptographic key management and regulatory compliance auditing for mainframe cryptography applications.

Rocket Mainframe

Security in depth with simplified management

IBM ICSF and RSA Key Manager work together to protect sensitive data in mainframe applications while optimizing performance and minimizing the use of valuable CPU time. Building on our in-depth knowledge of ICSF and RSA Key Manager, Rocket Key Bridge streamlines key management and auditing with automated, simplified mainframe (cryptographic) key management for z/OS environments.

Rocket Key Bridge keeps your mainframe encryption key material up to date and synchronized with changes that occur inside RSA Key Manager Server—no changes to application source code required. It makes your process for encryption key rollover simpler, more secure, less error-prone.

Built for high security and high performance, Rocket Key Bridge uses specialized mainframe cryptographic hardware and native key stores. It offers granular, SAF-based access control and supports all major External Security Managers (IBM RACF, CA-ACF2, and CA-TopSecret). Rocket Key Bridge for IBM ICSF and RSA Key Manager installs easily—including an intuitive administration utility—and includes a powerful set of call-level interfaces for deep integration options.

IBM ICSF and RSA Key Manager were wise investments. Rocket Key Bridge for IBM ICSF and RSA Key Manager makes them wiser.

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